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i made a gameplay for your game, it's really makes me uneasy when i played it. The atmosphere and the feeling of unknownness why it's happening to the character really gets me

This game was really interesting to me it almost reminded me of one of the sleep paralysis type stories. I played this game second on my latest video would love to see more from you! 


Thanks :D It's a bit experimental and rushed, but glad you enjoyed it. I'll check out your channel and let you know if I release a more substantial game ^^

I kind of got the experimental vibe honestly, my wife also really enjoyed it. It had a creepy atmosphere without there being a jumpscare, looking forward to seeing it!

Gave it a go...

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Hey man ^^
Thanks  for playing! It's a weird and experimental title, completely understand the criticism. It wasn't really meant to be played as a scary horror game, and more an outlet for something stuck in my head. I'll hit you when I make a 'proper' game that has a bit more to it!

 ~ Milan

Thanks for explaining the game Milan. Be sure to get back to me with your future projects.

- Step

Its so creepy and atmospheric!

Thanks a bunch ^^ That was all I was going for, glad to hear you got it :)

How about another game thats short?

Like a creepy house that u are going withflashlight to get a key and then leave the house the end xD

Haha. A proper horror game.. with no horror :D

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both of the games were great. What I truly loved about the dream house was is it is so atmospheric. You can actually feel the same feeling as the developer. Well done!


Hey :)
Thanks a bunch for playing my short little game ^^ Nice to see you got the sense of unease at its core! Good luck with your channel and I'll let you know when I release a bit more substantial game in the future!
~ Milan

Cool idea for a game.

Hey ^^
Thanks so much for playing my short, experimental game. I'll let you know when I release my next (more substantial) project!
~ Milan

I played your game in an Indie Romp. First I'd like to say good job on putting this together in 12 hours. Nice setting playing as a smoll child is a theme I don't see often enough in these games. Not sure if I just chose the right path or not but I feel this could be improved greatly if the "entity" was actually hostile though as it mostly seemed to ignore me. let me know if I'm wrong though!

Your game starts at 8:40 hope you enjoy

Hey there!

Thanks for playing ^^ You're completely right: the creature's AI was one of the last things I could implement within the time frame, so the actual 'gameplay' here is pretty basic (if non-existent). Good luck with your channel, if I ever release an updated version or a longer game, I'll definitely let you know!

~ Milan

Short yet interesting game! Creepy vibes from start to finish!

Hey Jar_Red :)

Thanks for playing! I like your multiple interpretations of it, which is something I kept in the air on purpose. I'll let you know if an updated (AI working correctly) version is released, or I make something a bit meatier :) Good luck with the channel!

~ Milan

Nice short game Thanks for your efforts Dev.

Thanks for playing <3

Played this as part of a 4 free indie horrors. don't let the title sway you as yours actually wasn't that bad, but i give a much more in-depth review near the end. Posting the feedback here to help you grow as a developer and not to attack you in anyway. If you only watch the end for the review please watch the entire ending as there are some very important parts that need to be noted. Sorry if i come across as harsh, I'm just giving my personal opinion and critical criticism.  All in all. An okay little game, but definitely needs more content. I know you said you're making a bigger game, and i just hope there's more to it than this. 

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Hey there :)

Honestly, I'm even pretty surprised that you thought it had potential! I made this 'game' (I'd refer to it more as a short experience to be honest) in 12 hours for the Global Game Jam. It was made more to get an idea/concept out of my head and into the world than to provide meaningful gameplay. Thanks for playing anyway, and hopefully when I make an 'actual' game, you'll try it!

~ Milan

Yes it does have a lot of potential. I thing i replied to you on my video thinking you were a different dev, sorry about that. but yeah, i actually liked the idea and could see a full game based around it. Keep me posted on future project. I'm not always harsh on my reviews and i'm sorry yours got caught up in that in my video.

No worries, always open to criticism. Good luck with your channel!

Hey thanks. Good luck with your dev work man!

Really cool horror experience , especially considering it was made in the time it was ! ๐Ÿ˜„

Thanks for playing my game jam mini-game :) When my next (bigger) project comes out, I'll be sure to let you know ^^

Looking forward to it ๐Ÿ˜„

If there are any bugs, please let me know! I was hastily cobbled together, so there are bound to be some problems ^^